The City of Lake Wales will play host to the Ridge League of Cities on February 8, 2024.  The first Membership Dinner Meeting of the year will be held at the Lake Ashton Clubhouse.  Our special guest for the evening will be Scott Dudley from the Florida League of Cities.  Scott serves as Director of Field Advocacy and Federal Affairs at the Florida League where he has worked for more almost 22 years. He oversees the grassroots and member advocacy efforts at the state and federal level for Florida’s 411 municipalities.  He also serves as the Executive Director for the Florida League of Mayors.

Scott is an avowed political junkie and has been involved in the political process as a lobbyist, campaign manager, fundraiser, grassroots organizer or in some other capacity for 38 years. 

Scott has represented both public and private sector clients and has lobbied at the federal level in Washington D.C.; in the legislative and executive branches of government in numerous states around the country; and at the local level. 

We look forward to Scott’s insight on the issues facing our municipalities, especially during the current Legislative Session. 

Scott Dudley…Welcome to the Ridge League!